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Welcome to PrintedSUN Inc.

At PrintedSUN Inc., we pride ourselves on our ability to print light emitting diodes (LEDs) onto any surface, making it possible to transform any space into a stunning display of light and color. Our LEDs can be used in health monitoring and therapy for patients, optimize plant growth for farmers, provide smart control and automation through mobile devices and voice assistants, and create custom lighting designs that complement your home and building's architecture.

We understand that LEDs have revolutionized the lighting and display industry and play an important role in creating a comfortable and welcoming environment, whether it's at home or in a commercial setting. The manufacturing of conventional LEDs heavily relies on vapor deposition, a high-energy, high equipment cost process. That's why we use industrial coating techniques and high-quality materials to deliver air-processed, low-cost, and environmentally friendly LEDs with a high form factor.

From ink to device